After waiting Microsoft finally launching his third games XBOX One.Not only a powerful gaming machine, designed for the XBOX One you just sit in your room at the centre of your Digital TV, offering a slick, unified interface for your choice of live TV service alongside movie and music streaming options, chat with skype, catch up TV and more”.

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Xbox One Console Design

XBOX One Console

XBOX One Console

Xbox One is designed almost like previous Microsoft Game Console XBOX 360, Great with size 274 x 79 x 333 mm, with a weight of 15 pounds console with black color looks bigger than the XBOX 360 is very cool and handsome. With a larger size than the XBOX 360, Because there is 8 GB of RAM, processor or better GPU which makes the engine more powerful and stunning graphics display on XBOX One.

Kinect, Reason the XBOX One Best Buy

Kinect XBOX One

Kinect XBOX One

Kinect is more “precise, responsive, and intuitive in every purchase units include XBOX One. By carrying out the new Kinect controller, voice and gesture controls sit at the heart of everything and offers a step up in reliability and performance from the previous generation”.

XBOX One For Sale Specification

  • 8 GB of DDR3 system memory
  • Processor X86, 8 core
  • 500 Gb Hard Drive
  • Blueray Disc Drive
  • GPU System with Chip from AMD Base Graphics Card
  • USB Have 3 Ports
  • HDMI in or out ports
  • Chip with 40 nanometer single custom


The Controller XBOX One

Controller XBOX One

Controller XBOX One

Xbox One controller manufactured by microsoft still carrying the distinctive design of the Xbox, but Xbox Contoller one slightly smaller and lighter because now Microsoft directly immerse the batteries in it. Unlike the previous Xbox controllers where the position is outside the battery and have protruding shape.

XBOX One Customers Review

below is J.Van Wagenen comment about Xbox One Cheap .

” More Xbox One cheap to buy it with your console anyway, so you might as well find out what it has to offer. The voice commands are *kind of* cool, but I’m still more of a controller person. I prefer to navigate with my fingers than with my body or voice. I’m glad they made the new Kinect look a little bit neater than the 360′s Kinect though. It does have a very much improved camera though. Skype calls with the Kinect are awesome (though outside of the novelty & testing factors, I probably won’t use Skype that much). When the full version of Kinect Sports Rivals, and other games designed specifically for Kinect are released, I will probably see more of the value it offers.